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North Miami Beach is a city located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States.

It is situated in the northeastern part of the county, near the city of Miami. Here are some key points about North Miami Beach:

North Miami Beach has an estimated population of around 46,963 residents.

North Miami Beach is known for its beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. Haulover Beach Park is a popular destination, offering a wide sandy shore, clear blue waters, and amenities such as picnic areas, a marina, and a dog park.

North Miami Beach offers a variety of shopping and dining options. Aventura Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in the United States, is located nearby and features a wide range of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.

North Miami Beach is a diverse and multicultural city, with residents from various backgrounds. The city embraces its cultural diversity and hosts events and festivals that celebrate different cultures.

Oleta River State Park is located in North Miami Beach and is the largest urban park in Florida. The park offers opportunities for outdoor activities such as kayaking, canoeing, biking, hiking, and camping.

North Miami Beach is located near the vibrant city of Miami, providing easy access to its attractions, nightlife, cultural institutions, and employment opportunities. Residents can enjoy the amenities and entertainment options offered by Miami while living in a slightly quieter suburban environment.

North Miami Beach is served by the Miami-Dade County Public Schools district, which includes several public schools in the area. The city is also home to Florida International University’s Biscayne Bay Campus, offering higher education opportunities.

North Miami Beach has various parks and recreational facilities for residents to enjoy. These include Greynolds Park, which features walking trails, a golf course, and a boating and fishing area, and Victory Pool, a community pool open to the public.

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